How To Use

Two Feathers Healing Formula is versatile and can be used in one or a combination of these ways: Please contact us for complimentary friendly advice. You will receive a full set of instructions with your order and support throughout your cleanse - whenever you need us.

1. Internal Detoxification

The salve's main action takes place inside the body and for this purpose it's normally taken as a 6-week cleanse.

The salve is prepared as food according to the Native American tradition and contains no additives or preservatives.

Internal dosages can be once, twice, three times or maximum of four times daily. The amount right for you will depend on your body weight and the purpose for taking it. 

One dose can be measured out by filling the large side of a vegetable 00 size capsule or measure 1/8th of a level plastic teaspoon of the salve, roll this paste into a ball and swallow it.

Traditional use by weight:

up to 125 lbs - 1 dosage per day

125-160 lbs - 2 dosages per day

165-200 lbs - 3 dosages per day

over 200 lbs - 4 dosages per day

2. Topical Application

Two Feathers Black Salve is very versatile and can be applied topically - usually after 7 days of internal use for most of the body and after 14 days for the face and breast of a woman. The salve should never be applied directly to the gums of the mouth or the interior of a woman's vagina.

Full instructions are included.

3. Vaginal Douching / Retention Enema

1/4 level teaspoon of the salve is thoroughly mixed with 2 oz of pure water and this would be one dose for either enema or douche.

For a person weighing 125 pounds or less, use 1/8 level teaspoon (800 mg) of salve with 2 oz of pure water.

We recommend applying a vaginal douche/enema every other night for 6 weeks.

Full instructions are included.

4. Other Uses

Teeth Brushing, swishing in the mouth, gargling with.